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Computer Centre of University of Maribor SLO | ENG

Data centre services ​

  • Revised the data centre: Power, A/C, cabinets, double bottom, cabling, documenting (Netbox).

  • Technological upgrade of server systems, consolidation and full server virtualisation (VMware); we upgraded the virtualisation system (going from v4.2 to the current 6.0(5)).

  • Consolidated and integrated data servers, set up a central Microsoft SQL server, upgraded from v. 2003 to v. 2008 R2 and later (currently running v. 2016 cluster), optimized the system, set up a database backup system, implemented various schedules for inter-system data migration.

  • Upgraded DNS servers, installed an intrusion prevention system (DNS Sinkhole) in the DNS resolver, implemented a reporting system and statistics, and introduced monitoring.

  • Set up/separated test, development and production systems.

  • Planned, revised and upgraded directory services (AD, Windows Server 2016).

  • Integrated SSH login to admin system accounts (Centrify).

  • Upgraded data storage systems and corresponding FC switches.

  • Set up a system for regular patch installations for Linux and Windows (WSUS).

  • Set up system monitoring, including a text message notification feature (Nagios, Icinga, Foglight, PRTG, Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), ATA): Servers, supervisor, emailing system, network devices, database management system (including a detailed tuning system).

  • All data migrations between apps and databases are encrypted; servers are signed with adequate certificates.

  • Complete upgrade of data backup systems (Veeam) under the 3-2-1-0 backup rule; terminated tracking system.

  • Setup and maintenance:

    • AAI server;

    • Imagine (DreamSpark) server;

    • Central MySQL setup;

    • VMware Horizon environment;

    • Host server system for internal and external apps.

  • Implemented a system to improve staff communications (Rocket.Chat).

  • Regulated the technical infrastructure of the Oracle system, Oracle Licence Review; joined the Oracle University programme.

  • POC for VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO).​​​