​​​​​About Computer Centre of University of Maribor​

The University of Maribor established a central organisation unit – the Computer Centre of the University of Maribor (CCUM) – in order to ensure uniform and fast development and use of information technology at university members and other organisational units. For over 30 years, CCUM has been providing researchers, teaching staff and other employees with access to ICT and information.
As the University’s main infrastructure activity in the field of ICT, information support encompasses the proper functioning and development of central information infrastructure and the provision of joint computer services for all faculties, institutes and other organisational units.
Communication with over 30,000 users (employees, students) is coordinated by support services of faculties (ICT coordinators, employees from student affairs offices) aiming to resolve technical issues locally first, within the scope of their competencies and responsibilities.
Main activities:
  • access to the network and its services (fixed-line and wireless access, IP address space, e-mail);
  • planning and management of basic IT infrastructure (UM data centre);
  • development, maintenance and integration of information systems for learning, teaching and scientific research as well as the operation of support services of the University and its members (AIPS, Moodle …);
  • administration of computer and communication equipment for the main administrative building and university members without IT personnel;
  • coordination of ICT coordinators at faculties;
  • joint purchases, software access and distribution;
  • user education.
The University’s Computer Centre has 17 employees. Special emphasis is placed on regular professional training for employees, who demonstrate their competences with different industrial and other certifications in various areas (CCNP, PRINCE2, ITIL, SCRUM, ..). CCUM is divided into two org​anisational units:
Computer System Development and Maintenance is in charge of maintenance and development of the University’s network and server infrastructure and is responsible for adequate technical equipment of workplaces. In addition, it provides user support (on the specified locations and broader) related to software and hardware troubleshooting and ensures a smooth working process and technical support for events held in the University’s main administrative building.
Center for Information System is in charge of UM’s uniform information system composed of different information solutions. The majority of information solutions are used by all members of the University, while a small portion are used only in the main administrative building. The information system is established on UM’s own infrastructure and represents an important part of activities (in addition to managing the entire software lifecycle) related to database management. The scope of activities with regard to information solutions depends on whether own development, open-source solutions, commercial solutions of external providers or outsourcing is concerned. Activities are being implemented in close cooperation with clients, key users, professional services on one hand and outsourcers on the other.
CCUM provides the following services:
  • Access to services and security (uniform digital identity)
  • Network and connectivity (operability of the University’s computer network)
  • Communication and cooperation (use of different information solutions from the field of communications)
  • Data centre (system administration for servers throughout their life cycle)
  • Information systems (activities of the entire software lifecycle)
  • Advising, education and support (technical advice on various aspects concerning the use and provision of IT services at UM)
Izidor GOLOB​, PhD, CIO and Assistant to the Secretary - General, has been managing CCUM since October 2009.​