​​​A powerful ecosystem of IT tools and solutions is available to students at the University of Maribor

A brief description is provided below. Additional information can be found in the provided web links.

The University digital identity enables you to log on to numerous systems and tools presented below. Some of the tools are available for installation on your computer. When using services, it is necessary to follow the Information security policy and terms of use, given by manufacturers or service providers that are related to the academic, non-commercial environment.

The following services are available, grouped by the purpose of use:​


  • AIPS – student information system were students can apply for or cancel exams, see the list of their obligations (learning units), the list of all application forms (passed, failed) and grades, check the scheduled examination dates, complete student surveys, enter a mobile phone number for the purposes of informing, check consultation hours of professors, follow the infographics of their progress, etc.
  • Moj Portal UM – a portal, where students can see their selected timetables and reminders (exams, accounts, deadlines for the completion of studies, etc.) as well as, if having access to IT services, information and the like.
  • Moodle – e-learning environment (online classroom), where professors and assistants load materials and instructions and where students can submit seminar papers, perform some examinations and other obligations of the learning units. Content and activities in an individual learning unit depend on the learning process performers.


  • Fast and stable Eduroam wireless network that can be accessed worldwide as well as the optimised wifi​5UM network at locations of the majority of UM Faculties as well as at locations of Student Dormitories Maribor. Please note that the core network at the university has been upgraded to 100 Gbs technology in 2020;
  • Virtual private network (VPN) service, ensuring a secure connection between your device and the university network, when you are at home, at a conference, on a business trip or at another location and are using public internet.



  • Microsoft licensed software for development environments (Azure Dev Tools for Teaching), where you can also find installation files for Windows operating system in the case of an upgrade;
  • The MatLAB platform, an interactive environment for numerical calculations, visualization and programming as well as Simulink, providing a graphic editor, a flexible block library as well as aids for modelling and simulation of dynamic systems (campus licence). An add-on is also available, enabling task performance on the high-performance computer (find out more below);
  • Engineering software tools NI Labview and Multisim that are used for the development of test and measuring systems and applications intended for measurements, automated testing and management with quick access to hardware and data (campus licence);
  • The most widely used statistical SPSS software package / AMOS (campus licence);
  • Leading tool for managing references and citing when preparing seminar papers, final papers, research articles EndNote (campus licence, provided by University Library Maribor);
  • The BrowZine tool (web access and iOS/Android application) for easier searching in UM subscription sources, such as scientific and professional journals, with the use of a powerful taxonomy of scientific areas and areas of expertise (provided by University Library Maribor);
  • Access to VMWare desktop and server software under the VMWare Academic Campus licence;
  • SAP 4/HANA education environment as part of the SAP University Alliance programme, enabling access to the largest commercial integrated information system (campus licence for UM Members EPF, FERI, FOV and FL);
  • 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software and solutions for planning and developing PTC Creo products (campus licence);
  • ANSYS software combining computer simulations from the field of liquids, structural strength analyses, electronics, electromagnetism and multiphysics simulations with software; including applications pertaining to the fields of chemistry, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and other engineering applications (campus licence for associate faculties, i.e., FS and FE);
  • SolidWorks is a software package for computer-aided design and engineering analysis. It is also used in simpler simulations and engineering analyses (campus licence)​. 


  • Access to materials of the leading analyst Gartner, where you can follow the latest developments and trends regarding IT, semiconductors, process and customer management, education technology, energy, smart cities, human capital management (campus licence);
  • Useful URL shortener (due to security reasons, only UM-owned or UM-rented URLs are allowed to be shortened)
  • access to the state-of-the-art high-performance computer (HPC) Maister as part of UM projects;

In case questions and problems arise when using our services as well as the information and communication technology in general, you can turn to our ICT coordinators at Faculties: their list by Faculties is available HE​RE.

You are kindly invited to follow our IT news, so that you will be immediately informed about new developments available to you. In the right upper part of this web page there are instructions on how to register to the news.

​News prepared by: Computer Centre of the University of Maribor (RCUM), September 2022