Instructions for resetting the password for students

​​Students need a student card with a 17-digit number and a valid cell phone number registered in AIPS. If both are available, the user can reset the password at by using the SMS code sent to his/her cell phone and by following the instructions below:

1.​ On the first screen, enter your username and confirm in the field Začni postopek ponastavitve gesla (Start password reset process).


2. On the next screen, it is necessary to enter the mobile phone number that is listed as a contact in AIPS.

The system then after confirming the OK button to send SMS message (Potrdi pošiljanje SMS sporočila) verify the correctness of telephone number, and if it is correct, sends the code to your mobile phone.​

3. Insert the code in the required field on the next screen and confirm entry with Nadaljuj s postopkom (Continue with the procedure).

4. On the next screen in the field Odgovor (Answer) enter the 17-digit number from your student card.​
After confirming the field Potrdi odgovor (Confirm answer) you can change your password.

5. On the next screen enter the new password twice. In the field Spremeni geslo (Change password) confirm your entry.​

6. You will receive a notification about the success (failure) of performance. In the event of failure, the application returns to the home screen to reset your password.​

Note: After successfully setting a new password it will be necessary to re-examine or set passwords on all devices and systems, from which you sign or connect (eg. Eduroam on mobile devices).​